Creating Margin in Your Marriage - Day 3

Creating margin on your own!



What if you want to create margin in your marriage but you are not sure if your spouse will work on this with you?  Do it anyway!  Do your part.  Begin responding in a positive way instead of a negative way.  Look at the good and minimize the bad.  Instead of saying, “I am tired of picking up after you,”  do not say anything.  Pick up their clothes or plate or whatever and see it as an act of service.  Instead of responding in anger respond in love.  Creating margin in your marriage is about grace.  It is the golden rule in the flesh.  It is doing what you promised to do when you stood at the alter and made a lifelong commitment to your spouse.

For  most of you this will be the beginning of turning your marriage around.  Your spouse will see the change in you and they will respond in a positive way.  It may not happen on day one but it will happen.  Stay consistent and do not let anything sway you from your course.  Pray.  Pray hard and pray often.

There are a few of you that are in marriages whare your spouse is not going to respond.  I am sorry - but your life will be better because you are doing what God wants you to do.  You are modeling God’s love to your spouse.  This may not result in happiness but it will result in joy.

Dr. Kim

What is your first step?  Are you ready to begin?  Is there anything holding you back?

 Dr. Kim