Creating Margin in Your Marriage - Day 2

Last time, we began to look at creating margin in your marriage.  Creating margin reduces stress and conflict.  It puts a positive spin on the relationship.  But remenber this.  Creating margin in your marriage is not a one time event.  It is a lifestyle.  It is creating margin today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and on and on.  It is breaking negative cycles and patterms.  It is building an Awesome Marriage filled with lots of grace for each other. The ideal way to create margin in your marriage is for both of you to commit to do this.  Sit down together and talk about the destructive patterns you have in your marriage.  Talk about what you can do to change those.  What part will each of you play?  Be specific.  Invite God to help you.  Then begin.

For most of us this will be a process.  You may be changing patterns that have dominated your marriage for a long time. Don’t give up.  Creating margin will change your marriage.

What are some of the destructive patterns you see in your marriage?  What can you do to begin to change these?  Are you ready to begin today? What is your first step?

Dr. Kim

Where is your margin in your marriage today?