We rushed in to marriage and then drugs took ahold of him

We didn't know each other for very long and we rushed into marriage. My husband got addicted to drugs after 2 years of marriage. Things just went down hill fast and we both ended up committing adultery. Neither of us were living for the Lord and things just spiraled out of control, we were both so miserable. We divorced and it was an ugly battle. A year later, I was depressed, drinking and just wasn't happy with my life. I finally decided I needed God in my life. Later, my husband found God in jail through a prison ministry. One day he was reading his Bible and the verse that says do not forsake the wife of your youth struck him so he said a prayer about it. He wrote me and a long journey later, we are back together again. We have been back together for 6 years. My husband has been clean and sober for 8 years now. We both are living a life with God and our marriage is truly better than new! We still have ups and downs sometime but we love each other more and more each day and I am so thankful for that. God can really restore any marriage. I thank God everyday! I am thankful for Dr. Kim and his resources that help us to keep our marriage good and remind us that we are better together and much better when God is at the center of things!