25 years in the wilderness

I met my husband Ken when I was 15 and we were together for 7 years, we were married two of those years but little did I know that he was an alcoholic. I kept praying that God would help me to help him but God showed me three things to get out of the marriage and told me I needed to leave him and let him wander the wilderness until he found God. So we did divorce and Ken ended up spending two years in prison for being an habitual offender of DUI. That still did not wake him up. Finally as the alcohol started taking a toll on his body and was told he only had two years to live, did he finally admit himself into rehab. It was there God broke the addiction of alcohol and is now 18 years sober. Needless to say all of that time he spent 25 years in the wilderness, God saw fit to bring him back to me. Well my original thoughts were that we would only spend a few years apart, I learned God's timing is not mine. We have been married now four years and we feel very blessed to get a second chance and make up for all that we missed out over the 25 years we were apart. I believe God's ways are not our ways but that he loves us so that he looks within her heart and gives us our desires. May our story be a testimony of how works and moves. God bless you.