The red flags were everywhere, but neither one of us saw them

"When I looked at Eli, I felt nothing. I thought that was good because I could have hated him.  When he looked at me, I knew he felt the same. I could see it in his eyes. One of the pastors in our church, Mark, pulled Eli aside one Sunday morning and asked him to lunch that week. Eli accepted, and that was the first step in the right direction. At lunch, Mark told Eli that he knew something was wrong in our marriage. Eli opened up and said he had little hope that we would make it and honestly did not really care that much. Mark asked Eli to do one thing, and that was for us to meet with Dr. Kim. It was a process that took over a year, but today our marriage is better than ever, and we are very intentional about continuing to grow it every day.

Dr. Kim and Awesome Marriage gave us hope and the tools we needed that made the difference. We are so thankful for this ministry."