I needed something to hold onto, to give me hope!

“The first five years of our marriage were as close to perfect as I thought possible. We were in a great church where we both served every week. Thomas prayed with me every evening and we were in a small group with other couples that we meshed well with. It wasn’t like things changed all at once but I knew something was different. Over about a year, I saw Thomas pull completely away from God. He began missing church and resigned from serving. We only prayed when I brought it up and even then I knew he was reluctant. Some of the men in our small group tried to talk to him but he avoided them until they finally gave up. Finally, he told me what I already knew, he was done with God. It felt like my world crashed around me. The marriage I dreamed of was now completely different. A friend suggested the YouVersion reading plan by Dr. Kim titled “Unequally Yoked.” Nothing has really changed yet with Thomas but I have hope and a plan. I have a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. I am so thankful for Awesome Marriage.”