I thought the world had ended...

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for setting up the reading plan titled "Unequally Yoked". You were spot on, and I appreciate that this is so readily available to those who need it.

I went through that in my own marriage, and I often feel like the only one out there, but I was glad to hear of other success stories. I was a category #3. My then boyfriend played the "Christian card" because he thought I would leave him if he wasn't a Christian. Add military service and college to the mix, so for the first year of our marriage we lived 13 hours apart. Then, as I was getting my degree and we were both moving to his first permanent duty station, he opens up to tell me the truth. He was a Luciferian. I thought the world had ended. 

Now, we are both Christians and are coming up on our 7th anniversary. But for 2 long years, I was the Christian wife of a full-fledged devil worshipping, God hating, broken man. There was a whole past of abuse, neglect, loss and anger that came rising to the surface, and there were more dangerous situations than I care to remember. But God was faithful, and I was not alone. Everything I learned the hard way, you captured in that reading plan. Thank you for that."

- Melanie