Sex in Marriage: Women - Day 3

Today let's look at two more things that are important to our wives in the sexual relationship. The first  is that we truly enjoy the intimate, sexual time we spend with them.   It means that we enjoy each other.  It means that we take time with the process.  It means that we have fun together.

In our culture, we get rushed a lot.  We live in a world that is very fast paced.  We are busy people.  Doesn’t it make sense that if we set aside time to really enjoy the sexual relationship together we can create a refuge from the world right inside our marriage relationship?  Isn't that something both a husband and a wife can value?

The second important thing to our wives is communication.  In an earlier blog in this series, I talked about how the sexual relationship is a form of the most intimate communication.  I truly believe this is part of what a wife wants.  I also believe that a wife wants her husband to talk to her both inside and outside of the sexual relationship.  Our wives are very relational  and communicating with their husbands is a way that need is met.  Our wives need us to communicate with them.  It makes them feel closer to us and more intimate and enhances the sexual relationship.

Two things today.  Taking time to enjoy the sexual relationship and communicating.  Commit to work on these together.  Take the first step tonight.  It is all part of the process of building your own Awesome Marriage.

Dr. Kim