“Rebuilding Trust: Part 4”



A Checklist

We have been talking about the process of rebuilding trust when it has been broken in a marriage/relationship.  Today I want to give you a list of bullet points that can help rebuild trust.

  •  Set aside time each day to talk without interruptions
  • Let your spouse ask all the questions that come to their mind and answer them honestly and openly.
  • Be accountable with your time.
  • Make your life an open book - cell phone, computer, e-mails
  • Cut off all contact in any form with the person you had the affair with.
  • In all aspects of your marriage, stay at the comfort level of your spouse.
  • As things improve, begin to balance your life together with things you enjoy doing together.
  • Be patient.

Pray together that God will built your marriage stronger than it has ever been.

Remember this is not a checklist.  It is a process and you will go through these points over and over and over again.  But if you do the possibility of rebuilt trust can become a reality.

Dr. Kim