"7 Virtues and Your Marriage"

      As I was doing research for the “Seven Deadly SIns and Your Marriage” series that ran earlier this year, I cam e across the ‘seven heavenly virtues’.  I remember hearing about them somewhere long ago in my past but I could not recite the seven deadly sins, let alone the seven heavenly virtues. Yet as I read through them, I thought these are pretty awesome and can play a big role in creating healthy marriages/relationships. Here they are: chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.  They are the opposites of the seven deadly sins.  As we looked at the ‘sins’, we talked about rooting them out of your lives and marriages.  As we look at the ‘virtues’, let’s talk about ways to build them into your life and your marriage/relationship.

What if you took time to build these into your life?  What affect would that have on you?  What affect would that have on your marriage or your relationship?

Dr. Kim