"Our Tribe" - 3


I will keep talking about our tribe in a number of different ways in the future.  Today I want to close this blog series on our tribe with this thought.  I believe you are here because you believe people can still have Awesome Marriages.  You may have an Awesome Marriage.  You may as a couple be working toward that goal.  You may be single and trying to do the things that will help you have an Awesome Marriage some day.  Whatever your situation, you are part of our tribe and we need you.

We need you to share your successes and your failures.  We need you to help encourage each other.  We need you to make us laugh and make us cry.  We need guys who are willing to tell their story so other guys can learn.  We need couples to share what has helped them and has hurt them.  We need you to fight with us for Awesome Marriages.

Believe this: A world full of Awesome Marriages will change the world.

Dr. Kim