They were probably the happiest couple I knew!

“It wasn’t that everything was perfect that first three years. We had our challenges, but nothing like having the three babies so close together. We were tired all the time. The stacks of wash to do and dirty diapers to dispose of was endless. It seems like I never saw a smile on Carol’s face that was meant for me. Dr. Kim performed our marriage ceremony and kept up with us from time to time. I think I shocked him that day I called out of desperation saying, ‘We need help or we aren’t going to make it.’ Over the next few months, he helped get us back on track as we began praying and doing his YouVersion reading plans together. He taught us how to be happy even when our circumstances were overwhelming. It took some time but our marriage went from surviving to thriving. Today we take advantage of all the great resources that Awesome Marriage has. Staying focused on building our marriage is our new commitment together.”