I knew if my husband would change, I would be happy

"I was so happy the first year of our marriage and knew in my heart marrying Ethan was the right decision. Then he began to change and he told me that I was changing too. We seemed so much alike at first, and now we were so different. I told Ethan that if he would just change, I knew we would be happy. He looked at me with anger and said, “Why don’t you change so I can be happy?” A friend gave us Dr. Kim’s book, “7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage” and encouraged us to read it together. When we got to the part about “embracing each other’s differences,” we sat the book down and just looked at each other. We had our answer. Now we just had to put it into action. We used the “7 Secrets Workbook” and a lot of the other resources from Awesome Marriage. We learned so much and know if we are to have the marriage we both want, it will take us both working together day after day. We are very thankful for Awesome Marriage."