"When Spouses Clash on Financial Giving" Part 5 by Jeff Anderson

I am excited that Awesome Marriage can Partner with Jeff Anderson and acceptablegift.org to bring you five outstanding   blogs by Jeff Anderson.  Jeff's latest book "Plastic Donuts: Giving That Delights the Father's Heart" is a must read for every couple and now available everywhere.  You will never look at giving the same again.  Dr. Kim

"What do I do when my spouse and I are not on the same page about our giving?

#5 - Connect on God's Blessings

A Christian couple should regularly count their blessings.  This stirs up a heart of gratitude together.  And gratitude (not guilt) is the wellspring for generosity.

Often we don't take time to count our blessings.  Instead we focus on our problems.

But there will always be challenges in our lives…and in the world.  Remind each other of what God has done for you - not what has happened to you.  Remind each other of what you have been given - not what you are lacking.

My wife and I see-saw together on this. When I am gloomy, she counts our blessings for me and helps me perk up.  When she's in the dumps, I talk about the big picture and pull her up.  That's the power of a couple working together.

When news reports blare the world’s problems, we take the time to reflect on our blessings – after all, we have food, water, shelter, and the means for me to type this article on a laptop.

A spirit of gratitude can be learned.  Encourage each other in these areas.

Also, be sure to celebrate the milestones in your marriage and in your shared spiritual journey. How did God bring you together?  Reflect on that story.  How has God enriched your marriage? Circle back to those events.

Connect on God's blessings regularly and generosity will grow in your soul…and into your conversations together.

Healthy Connecting Leads to Acceptable Giving - and Living

Connect as a couple.  Connect in worship.  Connect spiritually.  Connect financially.  And connect with God's blessings in your life.  When you connect as a couple in these areas, your marriage will be fruitful.  And generosity will flow out from your marriage partnership.

God will notice.  And God will be pleased.  He will find your gifts acceptable…and your marriage acceptable, too.

Which posts in this series resonated most with you?

Jeff Anderson

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