What Kind of a Spouse? - "Showing Love" by AM Singles Leader Kent

Hi Awesome Marriage Singles, We do well to ask ourselves what do we want to be known for and what do we want in our lives.  Working as a counselor has provided me clarity on the truth that we all want to belong and be loved for who we are. The best way to get what you want is follow the words of Jesus and “do unto others as you would have them do to you.” You may have heard that practice makes perfect. So, how are you showing love to those around you now?

In my office, I’ve seen many couples that are in a crazy cycle, that is, a husband withholding love from his wife and/or a wife disrespecting her husband. This only escalates with time, as the cycle becomes crazier and crazier.  It is as if they are saying, “I will not give you what you want until you give me what I want.”  So...no one is happy.

If you are single you have the opportunity to move towards a more mature love without having to be in the heat of the above counseling session. You have the opportunity to practice the art of showing love to people in meaningful ways. If you practice showing love now, then you will likely be better at showing love to your spouse one day. Love doesn’t do very well when it only lives in your mind. Love must be shared.

Your present relationships are a great place to start.  What would bless them?  What is a creative way you can show them love today?  Practice asking yourself, “What does this person need?”  Do they need respect, help in the kitchen, privacy, a thoughtful note, food, warmth, or maybe someone to listen to them. Find out what they need, then respond accordingly. Figure out how to make this fun now so it can be fun later. Practice showing love, and keep practicing. Enjoy the process. Cheers.

kent, awesome marriage singles leader