"Three Questions for Husbands" - Part 3

Today is the final day of this series for men. So far we have answered two questions. The first was, “Is your wife your best friend?” The second was, “Is God at the center of your marriage?” Today’s question is, “Are you her warrior?” If you Google the word “warrior”, you get the definition of “a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.” You can also get the definition of someone who has “great vigor and courage.” As husbands, God has given us the role of being the leader. I think being a “warrior” is part of that.

As a warrior, we bring a sense of safety and security to our wives. They want to know that we will protect them, look after them, and keep them from harm. They want to know that we would never knowingly harm them.

A husband warrior also has the courage to lead his wife and to do it is a way that honors God.

Here are some ways for you to be a warrior:

  • Set a level playing field. If you have ever hurt your wife in any way, tell you are sorry and that from today on you will never knowingly hurt her.
  • Ask her what you can do to help her feel protected and cared for.
  • Ask her about her fears and then together lay those at the feet of God in prayer.
  • Pray for God to daily show you how to be a warrior in your marriage.

Try this for 60 days and let us know how you like being a “warrior” in your marriage.

Dr. Kim