"Singles: Your New Leader Kent"


 Hi Awesome Marriage Tribe!  My name is Kent and I am the new singles leader for Awesome Marriage.  Dr. Kim and I have been working together for two years in the counseling field and he has blessed me by choosing to disciple me each Thursday for a good portion of that time.  It seems like a good idea to tell you a bit about me so that you can get a picture of where I am coming from.

First of all, I am working to create a passionate, adventurous, and connected life. I am single and have prayed that the Lord would protect, nourish, and give my future wife wisdom for most of my life.  I want an Awesome Marriage following Christ.  Before counseling, I worked as a personal fitness trainer, microfinance advisor and facilitator, ranch hand, carpenter, missionary, student, etc. and took the opportunity to travel the world.

One of the most exciting things is being able to live at this moment in history with the advancement of travel, technology, and our global connectedness in the midst of the Lord bringing so many things together in His kingdom. We are alive in some very interesting times. Therefore, our Awesome Marriage community stretches across different languages and cultures so bear with me when I am explaining something that seems really elementary to you.

It is a blessing to connect with you, and connect you to people with rich experiences that will hopefully encourage your faith in Christ.  If you see something here that makes sense to you feel free to share it.  If sharing what you find here encourages others, and serves to expand the Kingdom of Jesus on the earth… go for it.  We can partner in this way to build awesome marriages together.

Following Christ and living for Him now, in times like these, is a big part of what I hope to focus on with you in the singles area of Awesome Marriage.  It is important to stress that right now, THIS IS YOUR REAL LIFE.  Are you who you want to be?  If you are not happy now, and expect that getting married will make you happy or complete you, you will likely be disappointed.

We are in this together.  Following Jesus is a process.  Let’s enjoy and trust the Lord and His process together.  Cheers.

Kent Awesome Marriage Singles Leader