Singles: "How to Find a Mate - Part 7" by Dr. Kim

As we wrap up this series on finding a mate, there are some things that I want you to remember.

First: Prepare yourself.  Ask God to help you become more of who He wants you to be.  Sell yourself out to this.  Be diligent and persevere.  It will make a difference

Second: Know deep in your heart the essential things that are important to you in a mate.  Then do not compromise them.  Not even a little.

Third: Trust God.  He can make it happen.  Trust His choice for you.  Trust His timing.  Trust His incredible love for you and His desire for you to have the best.

Now it is your turn.  Let us know how this series has helped you.  Share any choices, actions, or changes you have committed to make and when God brings that person into your life, by all means let us know!

Dr. Kim