Singles: "How To Find a Mate - Part 5" A Series by Dr. Kim

Last time I shared how Nancy and I met and dated and married.  We did a few things right and more things wrong.  Maybe you can learn from our mistakes.  If we could go back, I know both of us would do some things differently.  We would have gone through much of the process that I have suggested to you. But with all we did wrong, I still believe we would have still married.  Why? Two reasons.  First, during those two years of dating, Nancy became my best friend and I became her best friend.  When things got rocky in our marriage, that foundation helped us greatly.  The bottom line for each of us was that we did not want to lose our best friend.  So when you meet that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, become best friends.  Your first choice of someone to spend time with should be him/her.  You should be able to share all your feelings and emotions and questions and doubts and fears with that person and know they fully accept you.  Best friends are priceless and your best friend in this world needs to be your spouse.

Second, I firmly believe God put Nancy and I together.  I will share more of that next time.

Dr. Kim