Singles: "How to Find a Mate - Part 3" A Series by Dr. Kim

There are a lot of places to look for a mate.  Some are good and some are bad.  There are dating web sites.  There are church singles groups.  There are friends that set friends up.  Where do you look? I have known people who found a mate on a dating web site and the marriage has been very successful.  I also know people that have found a mate on the same sites and the marriage has been a disaster.  The same is true with church singles groups and blind dates.

If you are looking for a mate and a marriage that lasts a lifetime, you can actually meet that person almost anywhere.  Think about this.  If God is really the author of marriage and He wants marriages to succeed, don’t you think He can play a part in finding you a mate?  The key is readying yourself so that when that time comes, you are prepared.  It may come through that dating service, or a singles group, or through a friend, or you may bump into the person in the frozen food aisle at Walmart.  If God wants you to meet someone, He can and will make it happen.

Dr. Kim