“Singles: How to Find a Mate - Part 2, A Series by Dr. Kim

What do you want in a future mate?  What are the qualities and values that you would like them to have?  Make another list as you think through these questions. As you look at your list, ask yourself this question, “What things are essential for a future spouse to have?” Mark an “A” by these.  These are your absolutes.  Then  look at the remaining items on your list.  Are there some of these that are negotiable? If there are, put an “N” by these.  Now you have a template to place over everyone that you consider going on a date with.  

Finally, make a commitment to not compromise your list.  You may be tempted.  The ‘right’ person may not come along for a while or for a very long time.  You may get tired of being alone.  You may be tempted to settle (see this past Sunday’s Blog).  I promise you this, if you wait and if you do not compromise you increase your chances of having a successful relationship many times over.  Waiting is hard but it will be worth the wait.

Dr. Kim