“Singles: How To Find a Mate - Part 1" by Dr. Kim

One of the main concerns that i hear from singles is the frustration that comes with finding a mate.  One of the main questions that I hear from singles is, “Where do I find a mate?”  These questions and similar ones have long been a part of posts on our Awesome Marriage Facebook Page.  You have shared some great insights with each other.  Let me add a few thoughts.  From my perspective the best thing you can do is to ready yourself.  Ask yourself these questions. “What has happened in your past relationships?” What could you have done different in those relationships?”  “Were you the one doing all the work to make the relationship work?”  “What were the good things in those relationships?” “What were the bad things in those relationships?”  Take time to think through these questions and then write out your answers.  Now you have a place to start. 

Prayerfully choose things that you can work on that will prepare you for the next relationship.  Through this process you will have a greater chance of making the next relationship  better than the last.  Remember, the only person you can change is yourself.

 Dr. Kim