Secrets to an Awesome Marriage // The Troubled State of Marriage

We live in a world where many people do not take their wedding vows seriously. There are more divorces today than ever before. The number of couples who do not even make it to their first anniversary is staggering. Many couples choose to live together but not marry.

With all the negative, I still believe in marriage. I believe it is the best answer for couples even though the state of marriage in our world today is not good. It is not just one city, or state, or nation, or country - it is a global problem.

My hope is that there are still many of us who want a marriage that will last a lifetime. That everyone who wants a great marriage—an Awesome Marriage—would have one. I do not want us to ever give up on marriage—not today, not ever.

If you are watching this, it may be because you do not want to give up on marriage either. I believe marriage is worth fighting for. I believe it is God's greatest design for intimate human relationships.  If you agree or are just curious, stick around as we begin this Secrets of an Awesome Marriage Video Series and let me show you why I believe marriage is worth fighting for.

Drt. Kim