"Our Tribe" - Part 2

In my last blog, I once again set out my dream of a zero divorce rate.  That is my goal for me and I want it to be the goal for you.  I want people that are committed to having Awesome Marriages.  I do  not want any of us to settle for a so-so marriage.  I do not want you and your spouse to just exist together under the same roof.  I want you to cherish each other and the marriage that God has given you and to never stop working to make it better.

Let me challenge you with something.  Find a couple that has been married at least forty years and that still love being married.  Ask them what they did to have an Awesome Marriage.  I bet you will hear something like this in their answer, “We worked at it every day.” You will not hear, “Well, we got married and then coasted for forty years.”  It just does not happen that way.  A great marriage takes a lot of work but it so incredibly worth it.

This Awesome Marriage tribe is yours.  If you believe that marriage is still a good thing to have around and you believe that God created marriage with a purpose, then welcome to our tribe.  There is so much that fights against marriage in our world.  It is time that a “tribe” started fighting for it.  I Want an Awesome Marriage is that tribe.

Dr. Kim