"Our Tribe" - Part 1

Seth Godin has written a lot of books.  I recently read his book “Tribes.”  One of his premises in the book is that we all want to belong to a “tribe.”  Tribes are built around common interests like biking, cooking, political views, and a myriad of other things.  Some tribes are big and some are small.

“I Want an Awesome Marriage” is a tribe.  I did not form the tribe - you did.  I simply took the risk that there were others out there that wanted Awesome Marriages.  That I was not the only one that still believed in marriage.  That people wanted to prepare well before getting married and wanted their marriages to continue to grow over their years together.

You see, I have this crazy dream.  It is that there would be a zero divorce rate.  No divorce.  No divorce today and no divorce tomorrow.  In the big picture, my dream is overwhelming.  But on a smaller scale - maybe.  What if each person took time to really prepare before they got married?  What if they looked long and hard at their relationship and if it did not look right they broke up on this side of the altar?  What if every couple that struggles in their marriage (which at one time or another is all of us) stayed committed to their marriage and got the help they needed to turn things around? If we take it one marriage at a time, maybe my dream is really not that crazy after all.

Dr. Kim