"Letters From Your Future Spouse (Part 5)" A New Series by David Skidmore

Letters From Your Future Spouse (Part 5) One of the greatest qualities a person can have is a humble spirit. When you are humble, you realize the world does not revolve around you. When you are humble, you will be teachable and ready to serve. I want to be teachable, always learning and becoming better than I was yesterday. I want to serve, because Jesus says serving is the path to greatness.

This is a gift I can give my future wife. Instead of becoming “puffed up on my own knowledge”, I want to help “build her up through love.” One way to love her is to purposefully learn from her. Another way is to serve her. When you invite other people to teach you, you give them dignity and honor. When you serve others, you show them that you think they are worth serving. It takes strength, courage, and love to be a teachable servant. I wrote this “letter from my future spouse” as an encouragement to me to be humble so that I can serve her and be teachable.

 Dear Love,

 I noticed something about you early on when we were dating. One of the elders in our church was talking to you. After he finished, you wrote down what He said in your journal. I love your teachable spirit. It reveals your humility. And then, there was the time when one of the little kids at church talked about how big God is. And you wrote that down too later on. It was like you were letting that little boy teach you. And that’s one of the things that I love about you. For some reason, you decided to be teachable. You made a choice to learn from everyone and everything. You didn’t have to be the man with the answers, and you don’t feel the need to prove yourself. Instead, you’re constantly learning. 

 And then, you don’t just learn, but you live it. You aren’t too busy for anyone. Your heart is wide open, and you are ready to serve whoever you run into. Thank you for serving the homeless man, and the president of the bank in the same way. You don’t treat them any differently. I’m so honored to spend my life with a person who doesn’t just learn, but lives out what Jesus tells us to do. Thank you for setting the tone of humility, teachability, and service for our family. You inspire me to follow Jesus.

 With all my heart.

This weekend, would you take the time to write yourself a letter from your future spouse about you choosing the path of humility, teachability, and service from this day forward? After you write the letter, who will you begin to learn from today? Is your heart hard towards someone? What if you serve them today? If we want to create a great life in our future, we must take the small steps towards that great life now.

I hope this series on “Letters From Your Future Spouse” encourages you to prepare for your future marriage. I also hope this helps you live a great life now, lifting up Jesus in all you do.

David Skidmore