"Letters From Your Future Spouse (Part 3)" - A new series by Awesome Marriage Leader David Skidmore

I am single, and I can say I am happily single. I’ve lived some excellent adventures with the Lord over the past few years. Like you though, I also have desires. One of my desires for my life is to have an awesome marriage someday. As I thought about being married, I wondered if my “future wife” was given the chance to write me letters in the future, what would she like to be able to say knowing how I lived my life from this day forward. Then, I wondered what I would like for her to be able to say. So this is a letter I wrote to myself. I wrote it as if I was my future spouse. And I wrote this to encourage myself to live the life that I really want to live.

 Dear Love, 

 I was thinking about you today. I couldn’t help but think of how much I see Jesus in you. The way you have surrendered your life to Him makes it so easy to see His light shining through you. I wanted to say thank you for choosing to be pure. That isn’t easy to do.  I wanted to remind you that Christ has redeemed you from everything in your past. When I think of your choice to be holy, I know you sometimes beat yourself up for what you once did, talked about, or thought about. But thank you for showing me how precious the blood of Jesus is to you. 

 I know it’s common today to define purity by virginity, but you didn’t approach purity from  the mindset of, “How close to the fire can we get without getting burned?” It was important for you to have boundaries. Thank you for protecting our purity. Thank you for honoring our Lord. Thank you for teaching me what surrender means. Thank you for valuing what we have. And thank you most of all for accepting Christ’s purity as your purity instead of trying to make it on your own. You are worthy of respect, honor, and love.

 With all my heart.

This weekend, would you take the time to write yourself a letter from your future spouse about you choosing to be pure and holy from this day forward? This will serve as a reminder of the life you want to create in the future? You can frame this letter and put it up in your room, or you could share it with your friends and ask them to encourage you in living the life you want to live.

David Skidmore