"How to Find a Mate - Part 6" by Dr. Kim

Nancy grew up in Texas and went to high school in Houston.  She wanted to go to the University of Texas and made her plans to do that.  I grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from high school two years before she did.  As a college freshman, I went out of state to a college in Missouri.  We were miles apart and had no idea that the other existed.

A few weeks before Nancy was to begin her freshman year of college, some things changed for her and she decided to change her plans and attend Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Let me rewind my story a little bit.  During my senior year of high school, I became good friends with a guy that was going to Texas Christian University on a golf scholarship.  We both graduated and went our separate ways.  As I finished the first semester of my freshman year of college, I was miserable.  I did not like the school and was homesick.  I wanted out.  Many of my friends were at the University of Oklahoma  but my parents did not want me to go there till my junior year.  So here I was half way through my first year of college with no place to go.  It was then that TCU became an option.  My parents liked the idea.  I applied and got accepted and by the middle of January, I was a student at TCU.  A year and a half later Nancy came on campus and the rest is history.

God brought us together.  None of the circumstances that brought us to that blind date at TCU were coincidences.  It was too improbable that all those things would fall into place and we did not orchestrate and of it.  

BOTTOM LINE: If and when God has someone for you, He does not need any help in getting the two of you together.  His plans are always accomplished.

Dr. Kim