“Distractions" - Part Two

As we continue to look at distractions that take time away from our marriages, the second thing you mentioned most was work.  Obviously for most of us, work is an essential part of our lives.  If we do not work, we do not make money, and we cannot pay our bills.  We have to work but if life gets in a cycle of - get up in the morning, work all day, come home, eat dinner, watch a little TV, go to bed, and start it all over again -  our marriage suffers.  We begin to drift apart.  We don’t connect as often and we do not feel as close.  Work distracts us from our marriage.

I love what I do and so does Nancy but we love each other more. For us that means that work cannot consume us.  We have to keep the proper balance.  When we work, we work hard but there is a time to leave work and be together.  One thing that really helps me is consciously making the transition each day from work to home.  I have a short commute but in that time I leave my work day and all its concerns behind.  Prayer really helps me here.  I can turn everything to God and then focus on coming home and spending time with Nancy.

How do you deal with work and how do you keep it from interfering with your marriage?

Dr. Kim