“Distractions" - Part Four

Here are some other things that  distract us from our marriages/relationships and time together: hunting, sports, TV, Video games, illness, finances, friends, in-laws, and volunteer work.  On the surface, none of these are bad things but if they affect your marriage in a negative way they need to be addressed.  Some of these probably just need to be put in the proper perspective.  Sports, TV, video games, volunteer work, and hunting have to be balanced with the needs of your marriage.  Friends, in-laws, and illness will need to be assessed to see how they affect your marriage and to access what needs to be done.

The bottom line is this: Next to our relationship with God,  the marriage relationship is the most important relationship that we have in this life.  Any distraction that takes away from it has to be dealt with.  Your husband should feel that next to God he is the most important person in your life.  Guys the same is true for you and your wives.

How do you make your spouse feel that he/she is special?

Dr. Kim