"Are You Having Fun Yet? by Dr. Kim

One of the real joys of being in a relationship is having fun together.  Whether you are dating, engaged, or married do you have fun when you are together?  I hear couples say, “We used to have fun together but now we are too tired, or too busy, or some other reason.”  They have let the “fun” slip out of their relationship.  If that is you, put the fun  back.  If you still have fun together do not stop.  Sometimes the fun slips out of our relationships a little at a time and we hardly even notice it.  Then one day we think ‘what happened?’

Let me give you some ideas.   Think about the times  early in your relationship when you had fun together.  What did each of you do?  What did you do together?  Sit down together and plan a fun date.  Make a few guidelines for the date.  Agree to not bring up any controversial topic.  If one of you gets upset, wait till later to talk about it.  In other words do not let anything get in the way of your fun date.  Having fun together builds closeness and intimacy.  It gives us good memories and gives us a healthy escape from everyday life.  It is part of an “awesome marriage.”

Dr. Kim