"4 Sectets Before 'I Do - Part 5'" - Guest Post by Singles Leader Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson has a unique gift to change the way people see, and relate, to God.  He enjoys tackling touchy biblical subjects – like money… and yes, marriage.  He is the leader of www.AcceptableGift.org where he speaks and writes on the subject of biblical giving.  He is the author of Plastic Donuts, A Fresh Perspective on Gifts.  Jeff and his wife Stephanie have four children and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before I take off my make-believe crown and step off my throne chair, let me say a few more things about marriage.

Marriage is sacred. Marriage is holy. Marriage is anointed by God. Marriage is the only blood-covenant practice still desired by God today. Animal sacrifices are no longer enjoyed by God. Neither are baby boy circumcisions. But the blood-covenant between a husband and wife being joined together for the first time – that covenant never timed out.  Only a man and a woman can enter into this kind of marriage. I don’t care what our president or vice president says, or what your company health care policy says, or what names the wedding registry at the department stores allows - marriage is for a man and a woman.  Two men or two women do not bring the anatomical tools needed for a blood-covenant marriage. Their bodies are not designed for this. In the same way, their bodies do not procreate – something else commanded by God in marriage.

Unnatural Marriage

Yea, it’s seems odd to dive into the issue of same-sex marriage while enjoying a nice blog series on “awesome marriage.” But stay with me.  Just as an awesome, biblical marriage does not allow the “unnatural” kind, we must not compromise the other elements as well. A sacred marriage demands a submissive wife who allows her husband to lead, a husband whose sanctifying love purifies his bride, a healthy separation from outside influences, and the singleness in mind and body that allows sexual intimacy to flourish. Anything less would be unnatural too… and not awesome.

What is “awesome”? So what is an “awesome marriage” anyway? I believe God would call it an “acceptable” one. In the bible, “acceptable” means “pleasing.” An acceptable marriage is a marriage that is holy and pleasing to God. It gets His attention and brings delight and pleasure to Him – as well as to us. For all the single men and women who believe God is calling them to marriage – I encourage you to expect and pray for an awesome one. If God calls you into marriage, He desires for it to be awesome for you. When it is awesome for you, it is acceptable and pleasing to Him also.

Queen Footsteps Well I have enjoyed being the one-eyed-king marriage guide for my single friends. But I must run along.  My queen will be returning any minute now. I have work to do to uphold this awesome marriage standard. I’d like to stay single with her if you know what I mean; and keep us separated from outside influences. I especially need to work on that sanctifying love thing; this standard still has me stumbling. But it’s a worth-while calling. One to which my dear Queen would be happy to submit. So long, friends.

Jeff Anderson