Singles: "How to Find a Mate - Part 4" A Series by Dr. Kim

Nancy and I have been married over forty years.  We met on a blind take and were fixed up by mutual friends.  We had never seen each other and knew very little about each other.  We were pretty young.  Nancy was 18 and I was 20.  As I have been writing this blog series for singles and giving you ideas, I thought about the process we went through.  This is what I remember. I wanted someone that had similar values and beliefs.  My parents lined up well in this area and it made sense to me.  I also wanted someone that I was physically attracted to.  Nancy was off the charts in this area.  Honestly, I think that was it.  Not a very long or deep list.

I asked Nancy what was on her list.  She wanted someone with money or the ability to make money.  She had seen her family struggle in this area and it was a source of conflict in their home.  She also wanted someone athletic.  She got a guy that went into ministry (limits on money) and that was not very athletic.

We dated two years and got married.  We had about a year of things being pretty good and then the problems began.  We had no clue how to do marriage.

If we had done the things that I have suggested to you, would things have been different?  Probably.  We would have been more aware of areas we needed to work on and we probably would have dated longer before marriage.  But I know we would have still married.  Why?  Tune into next weeks blog.

Dr. Kim