"Seven Virtues and Your Marriage: Humility"

Humility is “a modest or low view of one's own importance.”

What is the world does that mean?  Does it mean that I see myself as someone that does not matter?  Is my life inconsequential?  Do I just lie down so everyone can walk all over me?  The answers are No!, No!, and No!

Our example of humility - actually the greatest example ever of humility - is Jesus.  Think about it.  Jesus is God.  He has everything.  He is all knowing and all powerful.  Yet, for some reason, He left the comforts of Heaven and came to earth to be one of us for awhile and it was not, as many expected, to be our earthly king.  No, He came as a servant.  He came to serve us and ultimately die for us.  That is humility.

How then does humility play out in a marriage?

First.  I am not better than my spouse.  I am not entitled to more than she is.  We are equal and each play an essential role in the marriage relationship.

Second. I am to serve my wife.  I am to love her as Christ loved the church and in case you have forgotten, Jesus laid down His life for the church.  So daily I must die to my own selfish desires and have a servant attitude in my marriage.

Third.  I do matter.  God put me here for a purpose and my role is to fulfill that purpose.  A big part of that is being a husband to Nancy and I have a God who daily equips me for that role.

Humility is an integral part of being the spouse that God created you to be.  It is a one day at a time process that reaps incredible rewards.

Dr. Kim