become a marriage changer

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A world full of awesome marriages will change the world. Couples who are striving after God together have profound impact on their families, other couples, and everyone around them.

We want to change the world, but we can’t do it alone. If Awesome Marriage has impacted your marriage, it’s time to join the team! 

We need couples like YOU on our team to help make an impact and to be the WHY behind every saved marriage. Awesome Marriage has helped thousands of couples take their marriage from just surviving, to thriving. We have seen hundreds of marriages saved from divorce and have watched couple after couple be equipped to have the marriage God designed for them.

Join the Marriage Changers team by committing to give $30 a month to Awesome Marriage so that together, we can reach more couples and provide more resources to marriages in need.

Here’s what you get when you join the team:

  • Early access to purchase all our new and limited supply offers

  • 10% Off all Date Boxes

  • Access to a new digital resource each month that will help strengthen your marriage

  • Awesome Marriage T-Shirt on your 6 month anniversary of giving

  • Quarterly inspirational marriage art printables created just for group members

  • Monthly Awesome Marriage Encouraging Quotes and Bible Verse Lock Screens for your phone