Weekly engaged check up guide

Are you engaged? Then this free resource is for you!

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If you neglect going to the doctor for your check up you risk your health. In the same way if you neglect checking up on your relationship, you risk your relationship. Planning a wedding can be stressful and many couples find that their relationship suffers during engagement. Don’t let that happen to you! Invest in your future marriage by communicating well during engagement.

We want to help your relationship flourish during engagement by giving you our Weekly Engaged Check Up Guide. With this guide you can have a set time each week to talk about important things and to check in with each other and check up on your relationship. This will help you stay on track, communicate well, and connect better.

This one page document is an agenda and a checklist to guide your weekly engaged check up. It’s designed to be easy to print and have several on hand so that each week you have one at your weekly check up.

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