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Are you doing something that has helped your marriage? Have you made a break through in an area in your marriage? Has something practical transformed your marriage?

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A marriage hack, simply put, is a practical thing that has improved your marriage.

Here are some examples of some #MarriageHacks

The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Literally

I spent one Saturday afternoon buying about a dozen small gifts I knew my husband would love. I bought things with his favorite team on it on Amazon, a funny t-shirt I knew he’d like, a book from Barnes & Noble I knew he’d enjoy, and I stocked up on his favorite candy. I placed all these gifts in a box and hid it away in a closet. Now when I want to surprise him with a simple gift [or make up after a fight with a gift!] I just go straight to my gift stash! It’s been incredible to see him light up when I give him these simple presents. It’s SO convenient to have them handy.
— Barbara

A Mouth Full Keeps The Heart Full

I’m an interrupter. It’s a curse. I’m constantly interrupting my wife even though I know I shouldn’t. But I’ve learned a tip that really helps. When my wife is talking to me and I can tell it’s important and she has a lot to say, I grab a glass of water and take a big swig of it. It keeps me from interrupting and it makes me listen without talking. It seems silly but it’s helped, truly. I highly recommend for any fellow interrupters out there!
— Sam

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