New 30 Day Campaign

Starts Monday November 5

Phase 2 $0.00 of $5,175

Phase 1 Complete

12 Month Goal: $34,500

 About Our Project:

Research tells us that people in Awesome Marriages live longer, enjoy life more, and have better sex lives. An Awesome Marriage also provides a place for us to love and be loved unconditionally. Awesome Marriages build great families, great communities, and great nations. Somehow many of us have lost that vision. "Secrets of an Awesome Marriage" is a 12 month creative project to uplift the benefits of an Awesome Marriage as well as provide practical steps to achieve these goals. All of this will be done through high quality creative video content presented in unique ways and delivered globally through the web. New creative content will be developed each month and presented weekly. We will also have one major creative project each quarter focusing on one important topic related to Awesome Marriage. All of the content we develop will be made available for free to any individual, church, or organization that wants to use it to help marriages. The Awesome Marriage Movement is already making a difference. The "Secrets" project takes us up another level.

Who We Are:

Dr. Kim has a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and is the leader of the Awesome Marriage Movement. He has been married for over forty years to Nancy and they have two children and five grandchildren. He lives in OKC and is the president of Family Christian Counseling. Dr. Kim is the leader of the Awesome Marriage Movement which was launched through Facebook in November of 2010. Currently there are almost 100,000 followers on Facebook and the weekly reach of Awesome Marriage posts is over 500,000. Dr. Kim writes the content for Awesome Marriage and has written five books including "Secrets of an Awesome Marriage."

Tanner Herriott is an award-winning video producer based in Oklahoma City and is teaming with Awesome Marriage for this project. Tanner has years of experience directing complex video projects and he and his wife, Anne, live in Oklahoma City. For more information about Tanner Herriott and his work, please visit

Our Budget:

Our $34,500 budget over the next twelve months will cover the production of monthly and quarterly projects as well as the minimal  expenses associated with this fundraiser.

Why We Need You:

For us, this is a huge project and we need your help. We have the platform for this content and we are growing. This project will make a difference in many lives, marriages, and families. It is a way to impact marriages today and in the future. This is an opportunity for each of us to be a part of something much bigger than we could ever accomplish on our own. Thank you in advance for your support. PLEDGE $10 OR MORE

Our thanks including a personal email to you identifying you as an Awesome Marriage Partner. Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


A Personal Thank You letter from Dr. Kim. Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


A "30 Day Experiment" PDF. Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


Personalized autographed copy of Dr. Kim's book "Secrets of an Awesome Marriage" sent to you. Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


Awesome Marriage Tribe "Insider Status" Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


Awesome Marriage Tribe "Elite Status" Estimated Delivery: Dec 2012


Limited Reward (5 of 5 remaining) A live online interview on with Dr. Kim that will be part of the Awesome Marriage video series. Estimated Delivery: Jan 2013


Limited Reward (3 of 3 remaining) Be our guest in Oklahoma City for a live video shoot (USA only). Estimated Delivery: Jan 2013