It raised a level of awareness within my marriage and offered solutions that can be agreed upon by me and my wife

"This was an awesome experience listening to the Awesome Marriage podcast. It raised a level of awareness within my marriage and offered solutions that can be agreed upon by me and my wife. And looking at it from the perspective that we are covering each other so that the needs of our household can be met effectively while nurturing a healthy marriage and household. A special thanks to my lovely wife, for sharing this podcast with me our lives will be enriched because of it. And a special thanks to the Awesome Marriage ministry team praying God's best for your ministry."


I thought the world had ended...

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for setting up the reading plan titled "Unequally Yoked". You were spot on, and I appreciate that this is so readily available to those who need it.

I went through that in my own marriage, and I often feel like the only one out there, but I was glad to hear of other success stories. I was a category #3. My then boyfriend played the "Christian card" because he thought I would leave him if he wasn't a Christian. Add military service and college to the mix, so for the first year of our marriage we lived 13 hours apart. Then, as I was getting my degree and we were both moving to his first permanent duty station, he opens up to tell me the truth. He was a Luciferian. I thought the world had ended. 

Now, we are both Christians and are coming up on our 7th anniversary. But for 2 long years, I was the Christian wife of a full-fledged devil worshipping, God hating, broken man. There was a whole past of abuse, neglect, loss and anger that came rising to the surface, and there were more dangerous situations than I care to remember. But God was faithful, and I was not alone. Everything I learned the hard way, you captured in that reading plan. Thank you for that."

- Melanie

I love to see what we can apply now and what we will be able to in marriage

"Thanks so much for sharing your daily One Thing emails. My fiance and I found your reading plan on YouVersion and enjoyed it (we're getting married 9/2/17). Though we're still engaged and I am prone to email clutter, I signed up for your "One Thing" emails. Pleasant surprise, I've been able to keep up! They have been really refreshing to read each morning (and thank God, are a manageable length!). I love to see what we can apply now and what we can apply later once we're husband and wife. Going to Godly sources of wisdom has been our theme all the way through the relationship and I am blessed to be gleaning from your wisdom now too.

I hope whoever is reading this will be encouraged and thanked today, knowing that you are helping us stay strong in the Lord during this hectic phase of wedding planning! We appreciate you."

- Liz & Robert

When I thought all was lost...

"My marriage is a large struggle right now. My husband has a drinking problem that sometimes seems is tearing us apart. He was coming to church with us, but something inside him caused him to become so angry with our pastor that He quit coming. We have 4 children that range from age 14 down to 6 months. When I thought all was lost I began this 9 day devotion that Dr Kim did called the 7 steps. Now I know I just need to give my husband completely to God and let God do a mighty work in him. Thanks for putting that devotion together!!!!

- Micah

I was at wits end and wanted to not go ahead with my engagement...

"I absolutely loved 7 Steps to awesome marriage. I was at wits end and wanted to not go ahead with my engagement but after reading this and knowing that everyone fights and it’s normal has helped me so much I now feel that we can work through our difficulties. We have areas to work on yes, but we do connect and give each other love and joy to each other’s lives. I have learned to forget the parts of her that aren’t perfect and her with me and know that it’s ok." 

- John

I felt like there was no way to overcome all our issues in our marriage...


"I love that Dr. Kim and everyone else at Awesome Marriage talks about these real issues. A year ago we had so many issues in our marriage that it felt like there was no way we could overcome them all. Now with your wisdom and direction, we are trusting God and forming healthy habits as a couple. Our marriage that used to be so bad is getting better daily. Thank you for making the time to share these wonderful podcasts."


I thought my marriage was broken beyond repair and now it's better than ever!

"I always thought my marriage was broken beyond repair. We were a hot mess and no matter what we tried, the relationship seemed doomed. A friend introduced me to your blog and then my wife and I read “7 Secrets to An Awesome Marriage” together. Things are finally turning around for the better. Instead of constant fighting and shame in our house it is being filled with peace, love, and respect. I am growing in leadership and learning what it looks like to be a better husband and my wife is learning to be a great wife. I am so thankful for this ministry and how it has impacted my marriage."

- Ben

Reading the Bible together saved our marriage!

"My husband and I were going through a rough patch. After the children left the house, we weren’t connecting or agreeing on anything and I was starting to feel like giving up was our only option. But then we completed one of your Bible reading plans and through Dr. Kim’s advice, began praying together every night. We signed up for the One Thing email and now our marriage has never been better! We got fresh vision for our marriage and are both being intentional about our relationship. We now have plans to renew our vows next summer and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. God is good!"

- Kesha