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it takes both awareness and work to stay away from the pitfalls that can detract from the marriage God has in mind for us

God’s design for marriage is amazing. Nonetheless, any married couple can struggle to live out the kind of marriage that reflects this plan. So many marriages falter or fail due to some common “marriage killers.” In this book, we hope you will find help to not only avoid marriage killers, but to make your own marriage more like God’s great design. 

We want to help you live out God's plan for your marriage by giving you Dr. Kim’s ebook Marriage Killers & How To Avoid Them. This book contains 30 brief sections targeting several of the most common marriage killers, including infidelity, unhealthy cycles, conflict, intimacy, and boundaries.

This encouraging resource is our gift to thank you for your donation to help more people around the world experience God’s awesome plan for their marriage.

Thank you for your generosity!

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