Interview with Craig Groeschel


Six Simple Steps Men Can Take Toward an Awesome Marriage

In this Interview, Kim Kimberling and Craig Groeschel discuss these topics:

  1. How to Be a Warrior in Your Marriage
  2. Dealing with Anger and Finding a Cause
  3. Lust, Entitlement, and Pride
  4. Men and Emotions
  5. Small Steps that Lead to Big Destruction
  6. Saying Yes to Your Spouse

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Craig Groeschel is the founding pastor of LifeChurch.tvHe speaks frequently at conferences and has written several books, including his recent release Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter Most. He, his wife Amy, and their six children live in the Edmond, Oklahoma area.


7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage
All of us want an enduring marriage, a beautiful marriage we can believe in. That kind of marriage happens through intimacy. 

Some battles are worth fighting for Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps you uncover who you really are ― a powerful man with the heart of a warrior.