This Valentine’s Day go above and beyond the cliche flowers and candy and get your spouse something that will make a real difference. Take the opportunity this Valentine’s Day to make a donation to Awesome Marriage in honor of your spouse. We challenge you to give $10 for every year you’ve been married or your best gift.

Show your spouse that you recognize and appreciate all that they do to help you two have an Awesome Marriage and help others get to the place you are with your generosity.

At Awesome Marriage we serve couples by providing tools that will bring them closer together and closer to God.

Here are just a few things that Awesome Marriage provides to couples:

  • Meaningful and practical marriage content through our Awesome Marriage Podcast. Each week Dr. Kim and his co-hosts and special guests discuss marriage topics and bring marriage advice to thousands of listeners.
  • Send hope to couples every day with one practical thing they can do to improve their marriage through our One Thing email.
  • Help couples work through intense marriage struggles through our prayer efforts and Marriage Mentoring. We’ve seen God help couples on the brink of divorce save their marriage!
  • Provide over 30 online courses as resources for couples and Small Groups to improve their marriages through Awesome Marriage University.
  • Encourage and send hope to couples worldwide through social media by using encouragement, marriage boosters, and bible verses to spur couples on towards each other and towards Christ.

Your truly meaningful gift to your spouse will help more couples around the world experience God’s awesome plan for their marriage.

With your gift, we will send you a card to give to your spouse letting them know the donation has been made in honor of them and your marriage.

For Your Marriage,


Dr. Kim