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Diary of An Awesome Marriage


Do you feel like you and your spouse aren’t as unified, as you’d like? Or maybe your marriage has some areas that could use some refining? It’s time to get on the same page!

In the daily hustle of life, it can be easy to sweep your marriage difficulties and misunderstandings under the rug. Until one day, you can sweep no longer. Don’t wait until those situations arise. Be proactive. Your marriage is worth the time it takes to be intentional about the needs of your spouse and sharing your needs with your spouse.

With this resource you will spend time journaling, praying, then discussing your entries together.

Diary of An Awesome Marriage Preview Page.jpg

The ‘Diary of An Awesome Marriage’ resource is a 23 page PDF, with 9 sections on common areas that marriages. Each section has questions for you to reflect on, pray about, answer, and then discuss with your spouse. Get closer by getting more unified on the things that matter!

This edifying resource is our gift to thank you, for your donation to help more people around the world experience God’s awesome plan for their marriage.

Thank you for your generosity!