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awesome marriage date design - welcome to paradise

What marriage couldn’t benefit from a little get away together? It builds mutual excitement and leads to memories that can last a lifetime. But what if you can’t afford an expensive trip? No need to skip out on the bonding and enjoyment! Check out Awesome Marriage’s ‘Date Design - Welcome To Paradise’ Resource for a romantic summer date night in!

Are you ready to bring paradise into your marriage, wherever you are? This fun summer date is a 17 page PDF that includes:

  • A Bible Verse & Guided Prayer to start your date off right

  • Tips on how to set the scene for your date

  • Full instructions for the date including links to optional things you can purchase for the date and a suggested flow of the date

  • 3 recipes for a drink, snack, and dinner

  • 3 Date activities and instructions for those activities to do on your date night in

  • A Conversation Guide to keep your date night engaging and good conversation flowing

  • And lastly Dr. Kim Kimberling’s short e-book, Marriage Struggles:The Choices We Make so that you can continuing investing in your marriage even after date night is over

This date is a great excuse to have fun and act like kids again!

This fun and exciting resource is our gift to thank you for your donation to help more people around the world experience God’s awesome plan for their marriage.

Thank you for your generosity!