Party In The Park Date Box


Party In The Park Date Box


Our Party In The Park Date Box is an easy way for you and your spouse to have a fun date. Enjoy being in each other’s presence and the outdoors with this picnic date.

For $45, this Date Box will arrive right at your door!

Included in this Date Box is:

  • Awesome Marriage picnic blanket

  • Mini Sparkling grape juice

  • Silverware sets for your picnic date

  • Mini bug spray pen

  • Two sets of Dice for Tenzi Game

  • Scavenger Hunt Game- a fun and unique game to play on your date!

  • Conversation Guide to help keep your time engaging and focused on connecting with one another

  • Bible verse & guided prayer to help center your time on Christ

  • Copy of Dr. Kim’s mini book “Marriage Killer’s & How to Avoid Them” so that you can keep investing in your marriage long after your date with tips and advice from Dr. Kim.

  • Spotify playlist to set the mood for the date.


****Available in the U.S only****

We only have 125 Date Boxes for purchase. Order yours today before it’s too late!

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