“Guess What I’m Drawing?” Game

It’s pictionary, only way more low-key, simple and fun! You can keep score or just have fun!



  • A few sheets of paper or a notebook

  • A pencil

  • Timer (the one on your phone works great!)


  • Player 1 chooses what to draw, not sharing their thoughts with Player 2, and then sets the timer for 10 seconds and begins drawing it to the best of their ability. Player 2 watches as they are drawing.

  • Player 2 tries to guess what Player 1 is drawing in under 10 seconds!

  • If Player 2 guesses correctly in 10 seconds they win a point!

For more excitement you can up the ante! You can either:

  • Each time someone wins a point they win slow, long kiss (three seconds or more!)

  • Each time someone wins a point the other player has to remove an item of clothing

*CAUTION: If you up the ante, this game may lead to intimacy. ;) We hope it does! BUT do not play this tempting game while your candle wax is melting.