God's Healing Touch: Collette Experienced An Awesome Marriage

"I was kind of flirting with him." --Collette

Over the past two years, we have heard story after story of how God has intervened in a marriage or a life and totally turned things around. A huge part of Awesome Marriage is sharing these stories of trial, faith, and redemption, as a way to encourage and strengthen other couples who find themselves in similar situations.

"We had a really spiritual talk...and it's like a light-bulb in me just went off." --Collete

Awesome Marriage exists to turn the light-bulb on in every couple to help them live out God' plan for their marriage. With your help, we can help thousands of other people just like Collette turn their marriage around!

As there is strength in community, there is power in the stories of those in the community. Through our “Give Together, Stay Together” campaign, we will be able to continue to tell stories that show us God’s incredible plan for our lives and our families. We invite you to join us as we come together to do something really big.

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