Your Investment at Work in Awesome Marriages Around the World

Awesome Marriage impacts marriages for good everyday.

Matt and Lindsay found a mentor that helped them navigate the challenges of being newlyweds. Scott and Collete learned how to forgive one another after struggling with unfaithfulness. These couples with real challenges and real struggles learned how to trust God in new ways and experience an awesome marriage.


In ONE Day, this is how Awesome Marriage made a difference:

34,000: The number of couples who used our Awesome Marriage Booster.

28,000: Used our video blog to improve their relationship with their spouse.

37,000: Prayed for your husbands to be leaders of the family.

27,000: Engaged the Focus Question.

24/7/365: Prayer Ministry. Our new Prayer Facebook Page wants to pray for a spouse or hurting marriage whenever it's needed.

Your investment in our “Give Together, Stay Together” campaign reaches people around the world with God's incredible plan for marriage. We pledge to help couples and individuals in their time of need.

We will continue to develop content that will make a difference in relationships. We will continue to come along side couple’s and fight with them for Awesome Marriages. We will continue to spread the word about God’s incredible plan for marriage.

Join us today and share the joys of an awesome marriage with other couples! Click here to join our giving group. 

Join Me in Helping Couples Enjoy an Awesome Marriage!

From Day One, Awesome Marriage has been a community of people passionate about God’s plan for marriage.

Our Mission: Help couples fight together for a marriage that they may cherish.

Living in a world where more marriages fail than succeed, we are accomplishing this by developing easy to use and very accessible resources that are making a difference in the lives of couples around the world.

Our Community: Over 1 Million Strong! 

Each month over one million husbands and wives connect with Awesome Marriage through Facebook updates, YouTube videos, and online resources. We get messages daily from people around the world who have been helped or encouraged through Awesome Marriage. Lives and marriages are being changed. Our goal is to continue to be a global resource for building great marriages.

Our Campaign: Give Together. Stay Together. 

I'm extremely excited about launching a two week campaign to fight divorce and transform marriages. For the first time we have an opportunity to unite community members from all around the world through a "giving group." We are joining together with “Why Not Me?” which provides a way for each of us to “do a little” that will in turn “do a lot”. It is another way for us to step up as a community and make a difference. I invite you to join me in being a bigger part of fighting for marriage God’s way as our campaign begins today.

Our Next Steps: Join. Invite. Share. 


Join our giving group on Why Not Me at $10 a month. Imagine the impact we could have if thousands came together and gave $10 a month.

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Invite your friends. Once you sign up, you can invite your friends directly from Why Not Me.

Share with your friends. You may want to like or share a Facebook post, or Tweet to get the word out.

Many of you have asked us how you can help and now we have a way. Let's give together to help every couple stay together.