Welcome to the Awesome Marriage Movement!

Join us in celebrating the launch of our all new “I Want an Awesome Marriage” web page.  We have designed a page with you in mind. Are you a single wanting to prepare your self for a future marriage?  Are you in a dating relationship and trying to decide whether to take the next step or not?  Are you engaged and wanting to really be prepared for your coming marriage?  Are you married and want to improve your marriage? If you answer yes to any of these.  We welcome you to the Awesome Marriage Movement.

I encourage you to subscribe to our page so you do not miss out on anything that we are doing.  I will post new blogs five times a week covering  a myriad of relationship topics and you will also receive our monthly e-newsletter “Next Steps.”  We will have videos, guest blogs, interviews, online classes and seminars, and much more.

The Awesome Marriage Movement is a little over one year old.  We are going strong but are only beginning.  Join us as we focus on putting God first in our lives and in our relationships.  I look forward to meeting you here every day as together we make a difference.

Dr. Kim