Secrets Video Series: "Hyperreality"

Di#erent media sources can shape and edit how we view an event or an experience in our lives. This misperception of reality is known as hyperreality.

"This Week's Storm" by Dr. Kim


This has been an interesting week for me to say the least. Most of you do not really know me. You get a look into my life and I am totally honest in what I write but there is so much you do not know. I have found out over the past year that I share a trait with many who are in the public eye in ministry. That trait is a certain level of insecurity. For me, I want people to like me and when they do not my insecurities can pop up. “I’m not good enough.” “What am I doing in ministry anyway?” You get the idea.

This week we had two posts on Awesome Marriage that got the most negative feedback we have ever had by far and initially my insecurities began to rise up. “People are upset.” “They are mad at me.” “Who am I to lead a marriage movement?”

Jennifer Zabel’s final blog in the “Submission” series ran on Tuesday. It was honest and it was Biblical and it really ticked some people off. She never said that the wife was less than her husband or that a wife should be a doormat. What she said was that God has specific roles for a husband and a wife and when we carry these out our marriages thrive.

Here are excerpts from a couple of the comments we received:

Do you know why there is nothing you can do to convince people? It’s because it’s idiotic. It’s not, “The word of God,” it’s, “The word of man.” Men who desire to hold women subservient to men. You should be ashamed of yourself for validating this kind of behavior. Religious faith is not a valid defense for ignorance, bigotry, and the oppression of people based on gender.”

“Isn’t it a bit much to say that everyone else should conform to gender-based stereotypes based on YOUR interpretation of an ancient text?”

Then on Wednesday we posted the latest episode of “The Newlyweds” series where Lindsay talked about pornography and how it is truly a problem for relationships and marriages and has a very detrimental effect. They talked from their experience.

Here are excerpts from a couple of responses we received on this video:

“I believe that the Bible doesn’t have anything against polygamy, and, by extension, pornography.”

“He is squirming in his chair, he looks so scared. Poor guy,I just cant believe she thinks porn is grounds for divorce. Would he divorce her if the roles were switched.Don’t get me wrong,I don’t condone it .......”

God taught me something this week that I, honestly, already knew. When we share God’s truth there are some people that will receive it and some that will not and the ones that will not can be very angry in their responses and that is okay.

Our role at Awesome Marriage is to share God’s plan for marriage. We do this because we believe in it and we know it works. If we are attacked, so be it. That never has and never will change God’s truth. Our job is not to attack back but to stand firm on the truths of God. So my thanks go this week to Jennifer, Matt, and Lindsay. They all get it and are bold enough to share their beliefs. They helped me overcome my insecurities this week and see that there is truly no choice other than to do what God has called us to do.

Thanks also to Jessica whose post was a great and timely encouragement:

After reading all these negative comments I simply wanted to pipe up and encourage you for standing on God’s biblical principals of an orderly marriage! You are absolutely right when you challenge us wives to live the calling God gives us of submission. To all the readers who obviously are not willing to answer to God for the way they live their marriages, there just isn’t anything we could say that would convince them of the validity of God’s plan. But to all those who desire to live under God’s authority and reap the benefits, this article will be a grand challenge! Keep up the good work!”

Never doubt God’s goodness for a second because He truly is good all the time!

Dr. Kim